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With the Classic Ring Set you can easily carve your own ring. With detailed instructions and access to various step-by-step tutorials, you will be able to make your own ring. We will then cast the ring for you and professionally finish it so that you end up with your new favourite ring. Would you prefer to carve your ring in a workshop? Then feel free to register here: Workshops




- 2 x 8mm wide wax rings to work with (one as a spare, or to make a second ring if you get bitten by the carving bug) If you decide to cast the second ring as well you can do that for an extra CHF 140.-, just get in touch with us.

- Professional ring carving tools 


(to be returned with the carved rings after use) - cutter, ring sizer, engraving pen, marker, scraper, thumb protection, ring box, sanding paper

- instruction paper/design sheet with link to online tutorials


The wax ring is available in different sizes, but in any case you will later adjust the exact size yourself.

Small - For ring sizes ranging from 48 to 52, or if you consider your fingers to be rather thin

Medium -  For ring sizes ranging from 53 to 58, or if you consider your fingers to be rather medium sized or you wish to wear the ring on your middle or index finger.

Large - For ring sizes ranging from 59 to 70, or if you consider your hands to be big and you additionally want to wear the ring on your middle or index finger. Usually for men we'd suggest to choose ring size L.

Carving time:

Depending on your creative goals, calculate approximately 2–4 hours for a finished ring

Delivery time (see also shipping&returns):

We will send you the set within 4 working days.

Silver: After you send us back your finished ring, we will cast the ring and finish it professionally within 15 days.
Gold: The gold plated rings take a little longer, we need 25 working days for casting, processing and coating.

Production and materials:

We work exclusively with recycled silver, recycled brass and plate the pieces with recycled gold. The entire production takes place in Switzerland and we work with long-term partners and small manufacturers in Zurich, Schaffhausen and Lucerne.

Gold plating:

We gold plate the rings with a 5 micron coating, which is thicker than the usual fashion jewellery, but with gold plating it is always the case that the coating will wear off over time. The good news is that the ring can always be gold plated again, so please contact us if your ring needs to be refreshed.

Return Policy:

At the moment there is no fixed deadline, but in order to keep the sets circulating well, we welcome a return within 5 months. We reserve the right to set the return period at a later date.

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