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With the Fingerprint Pendant Set you can easily make your own fingerprint pendant. With detailed instructions, you will be guided through the process. After sending the wax model back with the included packing slip we will cast it for you and professionally finish it so that you end up with your new very personal pendant. 




No additional cost:

There are no additional costs, all costs are included in the set price.


What's inside:

- three wax sticks to work with (one to return and two extra ones to try out)

- Tools (to be returned with the pendant after use)- engraving pen, marker and box

- Instruction paper/design sheet



How many pendants can I make:

The price of one Fingerprint Pendant is included in the set price, if you decide to do more than one you can do so for an additional CHF 110 in silver or CHF 130 gold plated brass. You can also reorder more wax sticks online. As soon as we receive the additional wax model, we will send you an invoice for the second pendant via email. 



The pendant has an approximate size of 1,3 x 1,3mm. You can adjust the size with applying more or less pressure when pushing on the wax ball to form the pendant. 


Pendant making time:

15-30 min.



Delivery time (see also shipping&returns):

Set: We will send you the set within 4 working days. 

Silver Pendant: After you send us back your finished wax pendant, we will finish it professionally within 15 days.

Gold plated brass: The gold plated pendants take a little longer, we need 25 working days for casting, processing and coating. 


Production and materials:

We work exclusively with recycled metals. The entire production takes place in Switzerland. We finish the pieces in our workshop in Zurich and work with long-term partners and small manufacturers in Zurich, Schaffhausen and Lucerne.


Return Policy:

At the moment there is no fixed deadline, but in order to keep the sets circulating well, we welcome a return within 5 months. We reserve the right to set the return period at a later date.


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