It can be intimidating to make a piece of jewelry yourself and you wonder how difficult it is. First of all, all our kits are designed and tested so that they can be made by anyone and no previous experience is required. The range of possible designs is inexhaustible and it can be adapted to your own skills as you go along. Nevertheless, we have made a rough categorization and divided the sets into levels of difficulty, depending on the various work steps and the estimated time required to make a piece of jewelry.

The EASY Sets are more on the two dimensional side, that's why it won't take you a long time to finish your final design and doesn't require three-dimensional imagination.

18K Gold Fingerprint Pendant Set

Fingerprint Pendant Set

18K Gold Pendant Making Set

Pendant Making Set


The MEDIUM Sets are three dimensional and need a little bit of planning and sketching in advance to adapt the idea to the wax.
Depending on the design the time can vary from rather quick to a couple of hours.

Classic Ring Making Set

Signet Ring Making Set



These sets are ADVANCED because of the time you spend on the process. Often it's due to weighing your wax model to calculate the material cost. It can require more delicate work to make your ring thin and light.

18K Gold Ring Making Set